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Movie Review: X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes is worth seeing

Capt. Xerox

September 10, 2021


While clicking on a link-bait headline promising a list of best science fiction movies from the year you were born, I discovered that the best film of my birth year was one I had never seen before and seeing that my birthday is coming up, I decided to give it

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Mutiny in Outer Space - Space Station X-7 Mutiny in Outer Space - Space Station X-7 Watch Video
Movie Review: Join the Mutiny in Outer Space

Capt. Xerox

May 22, 2020


Mutiny in Outer Space tells the tale of a space station that is plagued by a deadly fungus brought from moon samples that threatens to spread out of control and infect the Earth below. The mutiny in the title refers to the crew rising up against their fatigued

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