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Movie Review: Red Planet Mars offered a message of hope during the height of the Cold War

Capt. Xerox

August 4, 2020


Despite its title, all of the action on Red Planet Mars takes place on Earth, but perhaps the red refers to the ‘Red Scare’ that is at the heart of this story that imagines how the world would be changed if we discovered that intelligent life exist

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Movie Review: Rocket Attack U.S.A. is Cold War schlock at its cheesiest

Capt. Xerox

May 9, 2020


If some movies are known as thrillers, what would be the opposite? A calmer? A borer? Whatever it is, Rocket Attack U.S.A. is anything but thrilling. For my first review of one of the movies you can watch here on SciFinds, I offer my take on one of the absolut

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