Movie review: Travel back in time with The Yesterday Machine

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Nazi scientist in The Yesterday Machine

If you had a time machine, would you go back to kill Hitler? Probably, but what if you were a Nazi? Chances are you’d be more intent on going back in time in order to ensure that the fuhrer was safe and that Germany won the Second World War. That’s essentially the premise of The… Read more »

Movie Review: Join the Mutiny in Outer Space

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Mutiny in Outer Space - Space Station X-7

Mutiny in Outer Space tells the tale of a space station that is plagued by a deadly fungus brought from moon samples that threatens to spread out of control and infect the Earth below. The mutiny in the title refers to the crew rising up against their fatigued commander who wants to cover up the… Read more »

Movie Review: Big Brother is watching you watch 1984

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It’s hard not to watch a movie like 1984 and interpret its political message through the lens of the times we live in and our own political leanings. George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel has become synonymous with authoritarianism and was meant to be a warning to its readers to be on the lookout for government… Read more »

Movie Review: Rocket Attack U.S.A. is Cold War schlock at its cheesiest

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If some movies are known as thrillers, what would be the opposite? A calmer? A borer? Whatever it is, Rocket Attack U.S.A. is anything but thrilling. For my first review of one of the movies you can watch here on SciFinds, I offer my take on one of the absolute worst pieces of schlock you’ll… Read more »

Welcome to SciFinds!

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Movie theatre curtain

Hello dear reader and welcome to, a website that is meant to showcase science fiction movies you can watch for free online. Collected from a variety of sources, the movies you will find on the site tend to be of the B-movie variety, the sort that once filled the late-night time slots on your… Read more »