About SciFinds

SciFinds is a site dedicated to finding science fiction movies for fans to watch online for free, with a particular emphasis on the old-time, B-movies that were once the staple of drive-ins and late-night TV.

SciFinds is also a community where fans of these kind of films can debate why they love movies that are so bad that they’re good and share their science fiction movie finds with others. 

While science fiction movies and television have come a long way in the decades since many of these films were made, these movies are a part of the genre’s history and, for many of us, part of our own personal histories and early exposure to those movies opened our imaginations and turned us into the sci-fi fans we are today.

New fans of science fiction can still enjoy these movies in all their low-resolution and cheap effects glory and discover how they influenced today’s movie makers. Many of them remain interesting artifacts from other periods in our history and, despite their technical shortcomings and potentially outdated morals, the best of these stories remain interesting and entertaining decades later.

To the stars!